This time I used canned "Lamon" borlotti beans from Montello brand, a 400
grams can (250 drained), but almost every canned bean will work if they're
not too thick skinned. Lamon are renowned for their rich borlotti taste and
their very thin skin, which makes them very good for salads also.

1 400 g can of beans
1 heaping TB curry powder
2 TB EVO oil
1 garlic clove

I put some oil and a whole garlic clove in the skillet, warm that up and add
the beans along with a few of their canning water, so I won't need to add
more water afterwards. At the same time I add a heaping tablespoon of curry
powder, the one I'm using now is the light brown from Ducros, a french
company selling spices in the stores of half Europe.
Wait for the boiling to re-start, cover with a lid, bring heat to a very low
and wait for 5-10 minutes circa: in 5 minutes the beans will be trohoughly
heated and still in shape, at the 10 minutes mark they'll show many cracks
and will have adsorbed much more curry and oil, it'a a personal choice. I
usually cook them until near the 10 minutes mark.