I've brushed the lamb loin chops (3/4 inch thick) with olive oil, finely
minced garlic, pepper, crushed rosemary and dried marjoram. I plan to bake
them at 375F about 20 minutes, medium-rare. I'll serve the chops with
sauteed vidalia onions and yellow (crookneck) squash. I might make some
barley pilaf to go with it. (I love having my oven back.)

The daffodil farm on Cane Island (about 20 miles from me) is open for
business. $5 donation (proceeds go to charity) and you can pick all the
daffodils you want! Spring has sprung and picking daffodils is a Lowcountry
tradition since the 1960's.

If we're lucky we'll have a good shrimp season this year, too. So far it
hasn't rained too terribly much. Too much rain washes the salt water out of
the tidal creeks which adversely affects the local shrimping industry.