Thanks again for the finger sandwiches ideas. This idea will be saved
for when the baby is born and we get together again. The baby shower
plan changed a little bit. My daughter, who works at Trader Joe's,
came up with this menu and it turned out nicely:

A Trader Joe’s baby shower luncheon

Grilled pork tenderloin medallions with pecan-cilantro dip drizzle
Grilled flank steak skewers with chimichuri (shallots, garlic,
Grilled asparagus with red pepper pesto
Fruit salad*
Quinoa salad with roasted pine nuts, sundried tomato, goat cheese
Individual ¼ quiches, choice of Lorraine, cheese and Mexican
Lavosh roll up pinwheels with 3-layer hummus mixed up and roasted
turkey slices
Spinach salad with dried cranberries, sugared pecans and bleu cheese
Cappucino cakes
Homemade NY style cheese cake with raspberries and vanilla meringue
Iced teas
White wine
Mixed nuts
Baby candies (sister made personalized candy wrappers for mini
Hershey's chocolates and ordered buttercream mints saying Baby Shower)

*Mother-in-law of Mother-to-be made a darling fruit salad, where the
watermelon was cut out to look like a bassinet, and decorated with
little pink bows