I haven't had any really good ones in a long-long time.

So I set out to make my own. Folks seemed to like these;

I was doubtful that 1 cup of cider [reduced to 1/4 cup] would flavor
up 3 1/2 cups flour-- but I followed her directions anyway- mostly.

I had some already reduced cider that was 3 quarts reduced to 2 cups--
so it was a little stronger than the recipe called for.

I even used Crisco. [I usually use peanut oil for frying]

They are excellent doughnuts- crunchy on the outside, cakey on the
inside- with no oily after-taste.

But they don't taste like cider. I served some plain, some with her
glaze, and some with cinnamon sugar. Nobody could taste any

Does anyone have a recipe that really tastes like cider? Yeast or