Bourdain was on GMA this morning talking about his new season and Paula
Deen. It's not a program I follow but Susie likes to watch it before work,
and my ears perked up when I heard "Bourdain" and "Kansas City".

Bourdain snarked on Deen for her "cynical" behavior in pushing unhealthy
diets which lead to diabetes, then coming out diabetic and pushing a
$500/month treatment. "$30 million? How much money do you need?" he asked.

Then the good part. He did an episode of the show here in Kansas City. He
brought samples to the show from two KC barbecue restaurants, Jack Stack and
Oklahoma Joe's. He said Jack Stack's barbecued short ribs were the "industry
standard" and also said Oklahoma's pork ribs and burnt ends were excellent.
Can't wait to see the episode to find out who else made the cut.