Dinner tonight is going to be *good*, because I'm not cooking
(according to Roof at least!)

Friends of ours (young boys) have invited us to dinner to celebrate
fact that they have just bought their own bicycle (I wouldn't mind
riding *them*

And these boys can *really* cook!! :-)

I had initially invited them to one of my famous curry nights, and
reciprocated with an invite to their place and produced some *very*
cereals of her own, with all the sugar based accompaniments.

So it's been a bit of a competition since then ;-)

But tonights dinner is just a celebratory/thank you one. We don't know
on the menu, but I know it's going to be a bewdy.
Then there are the after dinner activities...... ;-)

Peter Lucas

If we are not meant to eat dick,
why are they made of meat?