I am looking for a recipe for what Americans term "animal crackers" -
like the ones shown here http://tinyurl.com/4vp42m .

I think these kinds of snacks might be called "biscuits" or "crisps"
in other countries, but I'm not sure. They are sort of hard/crunchy,
slightly sweet, not frosted, and somewhat bland (usually vanilla or
sometimes lemon flavored). Most folks who grew up in the US have eaten
these by the pound during childhood. They definitely are not flaky or
crumbly like a pastry and are not sugar cookies. They apparently can
be made with little fat. Williams-Sonoma offers a mix, but I'd rather
make some from scratch.

I have searched teh Internets to no avail and have found only 1 recipe
(http://tinyurl.com/3zm6w7 - posted ubiquitously) that claims to make
animal crackers, but the reviews are kind of negative. I'm wondering
if I'm using the wrong search terms... Can anyone help me out, please?
Better search terms would be great, a tested-and-true recipe would be

Thanks in advance,