Bought some blocks of colby, monterey jack and sharp cheddar last

This morning, as usual, I nuked frozen veggies for the family's lunch
(to go with meatloaf). Broccoli and Green beans.

I've been wanting to do something with the broccoli, like adding
cheese, so after I took it out of the microwave I opened the monterey
jack cheese and for the first time ever (at least since my mom let me
do it when i was a kid) i grated the cheese over a grater and as it
made little tiny curls of cheese over the broccoli i stirred it all
around and it melted and tasted good to me!

So I hope the 1yr old and wife will like it. I only did this with the
broccoli in case he doesn't like it he'll still have his green beans
(with butter). I probably only grated about 2 tbsp's worth, maybe 3.

I figure if everyone likes it I can do this more often using various
fresh cheese instead of making a broccoli recipe.