60 Minutes: Chicken For Vegetarians.

A segment on Jebadon, the largest multinational food flavor developer was

Their flavors, natural and artificial can be found in jars, cans and boxes
of processed foods.

Developed in their words to give a strong flavor experience without a
lingering flavor because if it did, we wouldn't eat as much!

The gist is that they can plainly make anything taste like anything else.

60 Minutes, on the chicken assembly line pointing to the bags of chicken,
"is this chicken?" Jebadon's answer, "It could be."

They're even working on how to reduce the fat, sugar and salt and still
make it taste the same.

If this isn't mad science, I don't know what is. I can't believe I've been
so naive!

And yes there is a chicken for vegetarians product!

It's probably on the 60 Minutes website somewhere. I couldn't find it.