So I'm celebrating my 29th anniversary working at the Uni next week. April
30 to be precise. It's been a good career. Very satisfying. The last 15
particularly, working for Clay and Rahim, two of the best men on the face of
the planet.

So I've been thinking about what I want to bake for this auspicious
occasion. One only turns 29 twice in this life, if one is lucky like yours
truly. My first thought was Jack Hartman's Favorite Spice Cake. Then I
thought some Swedish biscotti might be nice. Then - inspiration! Apple
strudel, real authentic apple strudel - Clay, 1st of the 2 great bosses told
me once that I make better apfel streudel than an Austrian housewife.
Discretion being the better part of valor, I declined to ask him how he knew
of such things, given that his Mrs. is not the sharing type.

I'm a generous soul, so I've decided to make ALL THREE. Spice cake.
Swedish biscotti (diversity in a cookie!). Apple strudel.

My goal is to make everyone at the Uni fat. That way, I'll look skinny.
I'll get there someday.