Baked Chicken Breasts Supreme, Beef in burgundy with Gnocchi, Sirloin
tips en Brochette, Chicken Curry on White Rice with Raisins, Savory
Stuffed Mushrooms, White Rice with Onions, Carrots in mustard glaze,
Fresh Peas Oregano, Cucumbers in sour cream, Herb-buttered Zucchini
and Carrots, Green-salad bowl, Hot Cheese Biscuits, Peach Waldorf
Salad, Creme-de-menth Parfait, Baba au Rhum, Pears Sabayon, Raspberry
Sherbet, Jewel Cookies, Coffee, Tea

We did some but not alot of entertaining in the 60's, when we had a
party it was well attended, I don't think anyone ever declined an
invitation, Mom was a hell of a cook.

She spent days preparing in her little1950's kitchen.
After teaching Home Economics most of her adult life, she always
wanted to whip something up when ever she came into town, she just
loved our kitchen....gotta love it.

With this menu you need to pick and chose, add your own spin , make it
memorable, have fun. Don't forget the Limbo Pole.

I got her recipes after she passed on, three zerox boxes full. I may
do a cookbook