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Thread: Sun and Energy

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    Default Sun and Energy

    As our society moves towards energy independence, the importance of renewable resources is highlighted.
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    Sun is a natural way to give us energy..With the modem technology, there is an advancement comes to save sun energy and make some solar power with this..

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    Yes I agree with you if they can improve our technology on how we can maximize the energy that we got in sun I think we will not face a problem in electricity and any other energy problem in the future may be the energy from the sun can be converted as fuel too. So we will not going to worry about gas!

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    Yes Renewable energy resources have to be managed effectively and save it for various thermal projects and power plant projects.Renewable energy includes wind, solar, biogas,etc.

    power plant operational issuee

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    And ?????????' What´s this????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caleb View Post
    Our Sun is one big fusion reactor. Hydrogen atoms fling about throughout its volume. They sometimes hit each other, fuse, and, make Helium. Helium makes Oxygen. Oxygen fuses into Carbon. When two get together to make a third, the third has a little bit less mass. This mass loss appears as electromagnetic energy. The energy spreads somewhat unevenly across the infinite spectrum. But, the majority of it exists as visible light.

    Excellent image through explanation....

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    sun is the the most valuable energy suplier in my opinion!

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