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Thread: Presents Vs Time on Mothers Day ?

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    Default Presents Vs Time on Mothers Day ?

    Anyone can buy gift for their mothers on the Mother's Day but it would be even better and worth a million dollar if we spend that entire day with our loving mothers who have done so much for us.

    Spend a day with your mom and let her take a day off from all the house work and let yourself tale care of it. Make her favorite cake or cookie, serve breakfast in her bed, plan a family picnic etc.

    This would definitely bring a smile on her face and would make her very happy.

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    Why not buy a thoughtful gift and spend time with her? Best of both worlds.

    My brother and I are cooking mum dinner on Sunday, it's the least we can do.

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    I agree with you that time spent with our mother is more valuable than the purchased gifts. Mothers expect love, affection and respect from their children. This is the best day to know her wishes and to try to fulfill those.

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    Well for me I would rather give her ample time to celebrate mother's day. Small chit chat, cook together with her(Mother and daughter bonding). Spend the whole day with her is not too much. At least once a year we celebrate the day that we are not here by our own. But with the help of a mother. Thank you.

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    I would love to be able to spend the day with my mom again. But won't happen.

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