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Thread: How to celebrate Father's Day?

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    Default How to celebrate Father's Day?

    Generally people think about giving precious gift on occasions like Motherís Day, Fatherís Day and Christmas but itís not necessary that you give any present to make others happy. May be your gift would not bring happiness so try to do something different which brings true happiness and smile on their face. I have tried to present such ideas for special occasions like coming Fatherís day. So tell me what you think about it?

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    It's always hard to shop for my father, so most years we just spend time with him on father's day. This year I might cook him something nice.

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    I agree with you. Gifts can show that you care for your parents but do the parents just expect gifts? I think-no. Try to understand them and their unsaid feelings.

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    Well for me money can't buy love. There is no material stuff that can make your mother or father smile. Its the thought that priceless. As long as you do it with heart and effort its priceless. Spend time with them, cook with them, travel with them make something with a touch of love and I am sure it would be appreciated. Good luck..

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