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    Talking Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! I am, obviously, new to Cooking Junkies (and to cooking overall ). I'm starting to learn how to cook but I have one big challenge: I have multiple food allergies. I mean I know how to cook simple things, like boiling quinoa (or millet, amaranth, or buckwheat--I have to re-read the directions to remember the cooking times though). I can bake meat and seafood (I have a meat thermometer), and I've steamed a few veggies before. And I guess I've made a few recipes in the past that I found online, but not often.
    Anyway, I've done basic cooking but now I'd like to get a little more advanced. Actually, I've been trying to find recipes that contain a grain, fresh fruit, and fresh vegetables and am having a lot of difficulty finding them. I posted a message in the Food & Cooking Discussion forum on this web site and if anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated! (Here is a link to my message, titled "Please help - looking for grain + fruit + vegetable recipes").
    Anyway, it's nice to meet everyone. I'm looking forward to seeing you all on the forums!

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    Hi, Hope all goes well for you! I am new to this as well. I have written a few recipe e books this year the first is "Straight to the core apple cookbook" and the
    "Honey Bee and Gluten-Free" cookbook. I have two more coming out a vegetable and jello e books. The first two can be available on as a kindle edition
    e book download. hoping mine well do good as a new comer. We have a organic vegetable garden and five apple trees which indices me to write these cook books.
    I have them at affordable price $2.99 each or go in free to check out the recipes for a short time.
    Looking forward to seeing you again......
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