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Thread: Hi from The Drama Queen

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    Default Hi from The Drama Queen

    Hello everyone. I'm new here, posting for the first time and would like to ask a question before I go any further. Looking down the thread line I notice the f word on one of the posts. Are these posts not moderated for content? I would like to become a part of this cooking site, but not if the language and content is questionable. Please let me know. Otherwise, I'm glad to be here.

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    Hi Drama Queen,

    The thread you posted in is automatically updated through an rss feed from a newsgroup. We remove inappropriate content as soon as it is found.
    If you want to help, just click on the little red triangle in the top right corner of the post, when you see one with offensive material. This lets us know which post and thread it is located in, and it can be dealt with during routine maintenance.
    We're glad you enjoy the site, tell all your friends about it!

    Thanx, FB

    Ps: Your thread has been moved to the appropriate forum
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