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    Hi I am the Head Chef. My name is Blake. I have many many years of cooking experience. I born and raised in the great state of Louisiana. So my cooking style is very cajun. I love to make lots of exotic colorful dishes. I also create some of my own. So if you need any help with anything please feel free to ask. We have added an ask the expert forum for you to take the time and ask our very experienced and well knowledgeable cooks. We have tried to create a staff of many cooks from many regions of the land. So I hope we have done a good job. And who knows maybe we will learn something from you. So stop in say hi and lets get cooking

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    thank you for the welcome,i am not a profesional cook but i do qualify as a cooking junkie,i like to cook for the family and just experiment with taste and tecture.
    I live in Hasting in the uk this is a great location for localy sourced fish as the town has one of the largest beach launched fishing fleets still operating in the uk.I am new to all this internet stuff so i hope i have posted this in the right place,i look forward to getting to know as many of you as possible.

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