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Thread: You are what you eat

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    Default You are what you eat

    One thing I found to work for me was reading the Gillian McKeiths 'You are what you eat' book.

    I had tried millions of fad diets and never stuck to them, and though I couldnt stick with Gillian's exact plan in her book I took the bits I knew I could realistically do.

    Little things like not eating fruit directly after a meal, to wait 30 mins otherwise it just sits in your stomach and can not digest properly, feeling bloated etc.

    There were tips like this that really made a difference to my eating and weight.

    Anyone else used or read this book? what are your thoughts?

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    I agree with you. We are what we eat. The healthy food we take, the healthy body we achieve. I haven't read that book yet. But I DO believe on "You are what you eat"..

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