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    Default Work Out Zone

    Work Out Zone
    Get Rid of Your Visceral Fat!

    If you are at risk for (or have) type 2 diabetes, here's some news that should get you moving!

    Researchers from Syracuse University say exercise is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of visceral fat stores in the body. High levels of visceral fat — more commonly known as abdominal fat — are directly linked to a decreased ability for your body to use insulin properly, leading to diabetes.

    In the study, researchers divided 33 women with type 2 diabetes into 3 groups. One group simply dieted, the second ate their regular fare, but started walking and biking, and the third group did both. Those who dieted — or dieted and exercised — both lost about the same amount of weight after 14 weeks (around 10 pounds). Those who only exercised lost about 5 pounds.

    But what differed between the active and non-active groups was where the weight loss came from. Those who only dieted lost subcutaneous fat — the fat just below the skin — but not visceral fat. Those who exercised lost visceral fat, and those who did both, lost both!

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    I think I need to work more on my abdomen! That seems alarming to me. Especially that we have family history of Diabetes Mellitus. I should be really alarmed!

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    I better get to walking and biking!

    My stomach is growing by the day here lol

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    I've started to walk to work. Hopefully that'll make a difference with my belly fat

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    I experience that one too. And its really alarming. I did my surgery and now I'm doing walking and jogs to maintain my health and body. Its not easy having big tummy for girls.

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