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Thread: Plain diabetic cake?

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    Default Plain diabetic cake?


    My dad is diabetic and I'd like to make a cake for him to have with tea. He only likes plain cakes not chocolate or ones with fruit etc. So I'm guessing some kind of plainish tea cake etc. He likes light fluffyish cakes. Does anyone have any recipes for something like that? I have already bought splenda granular and had a look around for recipes but most of them seem to be for cakes with extras in it.

    Just to add I prefer to use wholemeal flour or a mix of all puprose and wholemeal


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    well you have got a good idea .. but still i can't find any dibetic recipe for plain diabetic cake ... i wish i can make one ... but i know making a good cake is kinda tricky stuff ....
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    Will you please guys one of you share this recipe along with me, I have to share this recipe with my aunt who has diabetes but she is very fond to eat cake but doctor has recommended not to eat cake.

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    This makes a very good snacking cake and doesn't really have to be topped with anything, though an icing made from cream cheese, and splenda owuld be very good on it.

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    Antony Worrall Thompson's Fig and Date Ricotta Cake

    Serves: 6

    250g (8 oz) of soft unsalted butter,
    250g (8 oz) caster sugar,
    8 eggs,
    2 oranges,
    3 lemons,
    125g (5 oz) roasted pinenuts,
    200g (7oz) of chopped dried dates,
    200 g (7oz) chopped dried figs,
    275g (9 oz) ricotta,
    75g (3 oz) plain flour.
    For the syrup;
    125g (5oz) sugar,
    125g (5oz) water,
    2 sprigs of fresh rosemary,
    1oz (25g) of toasted pine nuts,
    1oz (25g) dried fig (fresh if you can get it)

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    Your plain diabetic cake recipe really help me..Alexe Joey

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