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Thread: Oyster Mushroom, Protein Plus

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    Default Oyster Mushroom, Protein Plus

    I am starting this thread to talk about mushrooms ans specially about oyster mushroom. Oyster mushroom is the most common type of mushroom and it is easily available in markets.
    Oyster mushroom no doubt is a meat alternative for vegetarians because it contains high protein.
    It is good for bodybuilders because it contains very low or even no fat at all. The water of mushroom is also good for eyes health. It is good for our skin health and beauty. Its a good men's health tonic.

    what you know about mushrooms.. Do write here for all of us..

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    Default Growing Oyster Mushrooms

    Thanks for your info on oyster mushrooms, they really have high protein, has anyone tried growing oyster mushrooms?
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    Hmm right oyster mushroom is the most everyday sort of mushroom and it is quickly available in marketplaces. Oyster mushroom no question is a various meats substitute for vegans because it contains great proteins for the weight loss. It is excellent for muscle builders because it contains very low or even no fat at all.
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