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Thread: New city the old nutrition

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    Default New city the old nutrition

    The old people meat, eggs and birds eat more.
    With 60 ~ 69 year old man, for example, the average daily to eat meat and eggs total about 150 grams, than the Chinese nutrition society recommended dietary pattern balance the 35 grams; As for fish and seafood intake of only 30 grams daily average, recommended dietary pattern and less than 20 grams. Older women's situation is similar. At the meat to eat pork and the most, you know pork fat content per grams, the highest lean pork fat as 37 grams per grams, and fish containing fat is only about 3 g. Because contain saturated fat pork, high fat and high intake of saturated fat increases the high blood fat and happened to cardiovascular disease risk. So, the old had better eat more fish, eat less some pork.

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    Unfortunately the common perception that saturated fat causes heart disease and obesity is totally wrong. It is based on a hypothesis...A theory that is costing people their lives.

    Do your own will find that nothing conclusive has ever been published and those that many nutritionists and doctors use to "back up" their theory were done in a period where scientists thought that hydrogentating liquid fats to turn them into solids meant they had the same composition as naturally occurring saturated fats and THAT is what they used during their tests...and So the study that Ancel Keys done had gained some support. However over 50 years later...they still havent proven there is a link between saturated fat and obesity or heart disease.
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