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Thread: Fill Up on Fiber

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    Default Fill Up on Fiber

    Fill Up on Fiber

    How do you know if you're getting enough fiber in your diet? Well, there are a couple of pretty obvious symptoms if you're not:

    *You're constipated. You should be having at least three bowel movements a week. If not, chin up and try adding more fiber-filled foods, like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, to your diet and see if that doesn't fix the plumbing!

    *You're hungry a lot. Well, you could be hungry for a number of reasons, including emotional ones, but fiber is also a legitimate suspect. Fiber helps you feel full, and if you're not getting that warm, fuzzy, fullness feeling, it may be because you need to eat more... you guessed it: fruits, veggies, and whole grains.
    So fiber can help keep you regular and make you feel full. The FDA also considers it to be a powerful fighter against cancer, diabetes, and heart disease as well as digestive disorders and obesity.

    As a general rule, you should eat as many veggies and as much salad as you possibly can (dressing on the side, please!). This will help make you feel full and keep you from overeating other, more fattening foods. Fill up!

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    I saw a documentary the other day that said that protein helped you fill up as well. Protein is better for you than loading on carbs (which also fill you up).

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    We eat quite a bit of oatmeal and salad here so good on the fiber department. I gotta get the kids to eat more fruits, though.

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    I know I need to eat more fiber...I have been doing well lately. I started to eat those fiber one yogurts...they are actually really surprises me. I also eat that fiber one cereal.

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    It happens that I experience too much fiber then experience bowel movement. One of my friend advice me that I must balance it with water, It will helps you fill up and control you from eating too much.

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