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    Default Fat head

    I recently caught an interesting documentary on TV, Fat Head

    It goes against what most of us have been taught throughout our lives, that fat is bad and we should eat more grains and wheat etc. This has been drilled into us by companies and governments over many years, but this hasn't helped us slim down. The complete opposite is true and becoming obvious now as more and more people are becoming obese.

    The film is well worth a watch and is mostly a rebuttal to a previous documentary, Super Size Me.

    Things to take away from the film:

    - Fat isn't bad
    - If you limit your calories to a reasonable level you can lose weight by eating fast food/fatty food.
    - Avoid sugars and carbs the best you can
    - Sugars and carbs (which turn into sugar in the body) raise insulin levels and help drive energy into your fat cells
    - Cholesterol in food doesn't cause heart disease

    It explains why the only time I've lost weight and kept it off is when I've limited my carb intake and filled up on proteins.

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    That sounds crazy, there's no way that fat could be good for you

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    Fats is not part of healthy living. I'm tired of being fat before. I don't wanna be one. And cholesterol can cause heart disease. I am still thankful that I had my surgery before my its too late.. T__T

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