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Thread: To ERR is Human - Tip for when you CHEAT!

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    Default To ERR is Human - Tip for when you CHEAT!

    To ERR is Human

    According to the Thin Commandments Dr Stephen Gullo states: Slips should teach you not defeat you. If you cheat do not say "I blew it" and eat everything in site for the rest of the day. Right after the cheat, make a list and write down what you will eat for the rest of the day and stick to it. The time you cheat and the rest of the day till you go to bed is very crucial. If you can make it to bed without cheating you have half the battle won. The other half of the battle is the next day after the cheat. You activated your taste buds and you will have cravings all day long. Eat lean proten when you have the cravings. Tell yourself you can make it all day without cheating and you will follow your list of foods to eat. It is very important not to cheat on this day. Once you make it to the second day it will be much easier and you will begin to lose weight again. The Seventh Commandment explains all of this in DETAIL. I suggest you all purchase a copy of the book.

    "Guilt doesn't burn a single calorie, but learning from mistakes can save you thousands."

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    The other 50 percent of the fight is the next day after the deceive. You triggered your preferences and you will have urges all day lengthy. Eat trim protein when you have the urges. Tell yourself you can create it all day without being disloyal and you will adhere to your record of meals to eat.
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