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Thread: Eating Late At Night Adds Weight

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    Default Eating Late At Night Adds Weight

    Late-night snackers are more likely to gain weight, research suggests.A team from Northwestern University, Illinois, found that when you eat, not just how you eat, could make a big difference.

    Scientists found that when mice ate at unusual hours, they put on twice as much weight, despite exercising and eating as much as others.The study, in the journal Obesity, is said to be the first to show directly that there is a "wrong" time to eat.Recent studies have suggested that circadian rhythms, the body's internal clock, have a role in how our bodies use up energy. However, this had been difficult to definitively pin down.

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    This post is quite right that late night eating adds weight because at that time people
    have not much activity to burn that calories, and these calories convert into fats.

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