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Thread: Cabbage Soup

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    Default Cabbage Soup

    I remember growing up my mom would sometimes make herself a diet cabbage soup. When I got older, she allowed me to have some. I don't remember it being very tasteful but the idea that it was a "diet soup" made me want it.

    Well, the other day I bought a head of cabbage and was considering attempting to make a cabbage soup. That is...until I realized I have no idea what exactly was in the soup.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on how to go about making this particular soup (or any soup that includes cabbage for that matter?) Or perhaps a special or unusual way that differs from the rather bland, copy and paste recipes that google provides?

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    Cabbage soup is delicious and superb for health and i like it as it contains good health benefits and also superb in soup and i usually have it on Sunday.

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