It looks like the soil isn't draining so well.

How do I change to a better draining potting mix without causing too much shock to my plants and sending them to an even speedier demise? I've read elsewhere that both lavender and rosemary hate to be repotted.

So I pull the plants out of the pots, brush the existing soil off the roots and just plonk the roots in new potting mix? That's what my common sense would tell me to do, but then something tells me that it's not that simple and there'd be some trick involved with baking soda here and PH balance there and cutting a root here and trimming dead branches there.

And after I change the potting mix to something that drains better, should I take them out of the sun for a few days? or would they like it better if I were to give them all the sun they could take?

So much to learn here. Thankyou so much!