Hi guys and girls

I'm looking for a bit of advice on spring bulbs for containers. Since I have a decked garden I was looking to brighten it up a bit with some bulbs (not too set on which type - leaning towards crocuses at the moment) and I thought I'd better get started as I know it's better to plant them round about now.

Ideally I'd like to bulbs to flower for a few years to come, so I was looking at naturalising varieties. But it seems sort of a waste to have a container sitting looking empty for the rest of the year.

Would I be able to plant anything that flowers in the summer alongside my bulbs to make the most of the container for a bit longer? Or would this affect them or damage them in any way?

I know I can always pull the bulbs up and store them for next year but I was trying to avoid that option by choosing bulbs which will to an extent 'look after themselves'. If the only option is to pull up the bulbs, then I've been told I could get tulips to come back every year if I store them over winter, is this right?