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Thread: Gift advice for girlfriend

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    Default Gift advice for girlfriend

    Hello Everyone,

    My girlfriend loves to cook and always is dropping the idea that would she would love to be adding fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables, and ect. Problem is we currently living downtown Denver in a an apartment. I was thinking maybe I could get her some plants to add next to the window? The inside window ledge is about 40 inches in length and 5 inches deep. It tends to get some good sun later in the afternoon for about 4 hours. I haven't a clue about types of plants and their needed environment conditions or if this idea is even feasible with ANY plant. Could someone recommend me different ideas of plants that she would enjoy to cook with that could fit inside this window?


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    Yes of course, First of all i appreciate and very proud that you loving and caring your GF very much. We can your love on her. Ok come now you want plant herbs which able to cook for. And also to fit to your windows, seed some fenugreek and mustard seed in one small pot separately. You can small plants very shortly like within a week. You get some leaves of that then cook it will nice and good for health. Exactly will fix on window slab. Enjoy by doing this. And make happy give love always to your GF. God bless u both forever.

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