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Thread: Wine with grouse

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    Default Wine with grouse

    I am having two Americans for Christmas dinner (as guests, not an item on the menu). As there will only be three of us, I thought it might be fun to have red grouse as the main course.

    However, what to drink with it? There are the obvious choices of French reds out of the books, but an imaginative solution suggests itself. Grouse (particularly the legs) is said to taste of spruce. What would happen if we had Greek retsina with the grouse? Would it be a wicked waste of expensive ingredients or smething special? Has anyone tried this? If they haven't does it sound sensible. I've never eaten grouse.



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    I've never tried grouse either, but found these sites about which wines to serve with game:

    The best wine for grouse and the week’s best buys - Times Online
    Grouse and Chambolle-Musigny - Matching Food and Wine
    Top wine and beer matches for game - Matching Food and Wine

    Good luck! Let us know which one you go for and how it worked out

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