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Thread: What are you having for Supper?

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    Default What are you having for Supper?

    Tonight for my supper I plan on cutting to thick slices of home baked bread, for the inside, rolled Barvarian ham with Smoked Arron goats cheese sprinkled with ground black pepper, for the outside a thin spread of Olivia sprinkled with sea sault (must be grinder). Place in George Foreman for 5 minutes. mark leroy kilwinning


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    I am going to your house for supper. I never think that far ahead, usually supper is a last minute throw together for me plus we are due for a grocery trip which makes it even more difficult. I made a wonderful Chicken chili basil the other night with chopped chicken, Thai chilies, garlic sauteed in some olive oil and some fish oil, topped off with fresh chopped basil leaves, on a bed of rice of course.

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