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Thread: Teaching cooking classes

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    Default Teaching cooking classes

    I took a couple of Thai cooking classes through adult ed in my town and absolutely loved it. The teacher was very organized and knew what she was talking about. I still use a majority of the recipes I learned.

    I recently decided to take a French cooking class through the same place. I lived in France for 11 years and was hoping that I could learn something new and different. Well, it turned out that I knew more than the teacher! She was not organized at all, we went way over time, and basically we followed a photocopied recipe she handed out at the beginning of the class. It has gotten me thinking that I could teach a better class than that.

    So, my question is... how do you go about planning a class? How do you figure the time you will need? I have ideas for several things I would like to teach - meals that are not common here in the States (for example, I wouldn't teach how to make a quiche or crepes as they are too well known here). Have any of you taught cooking classes?

    Any ideas would be appreciated - and if you could send some courage my way too!!


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    I haven't taught any cooking classes, but the cooking classes I have been to they usually just show you how to make a recipe, then you do it. I don't find this very helpful as I can read a recipe myself.

    It would be better teaching people skills and techniques rather than individual recipes. But that's just my opinion.

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