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Thread: problem with stretching dough

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    Default problem with stretching dough

    I always seem to have the same problem when I'm making a pizza and it comes time to stretch the dough. I always end up with the outer part of the circle thicker and 1 or 2 holes in the middle. Some times the middle is way too thin and I end up having to patch up the hole. How can I avoid this I have no idea how to prevent this problem. Does anyone know what it is that I'm doing wrong or have any stretching suggestions?

    Here is what I do -
    -from the point when its time to let the dough rise I make a losely packed ball and place it in a warm place for 45 min

    -then once its doubled in size I make a more compact disc shape and coat the dough one more time with flour on both sides

    -then i use both hands to push down on a flat surface and stretch the dough
    -and finally here comes the hole - I use my 2 fists to stretch the dough. I start on the out side and try not to work my way in too much

    somethings wrong here i need help

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    I cheat and use a rolling pin. I still get good lift on whole wheat pizza dough. Let the pizzaioli do it the traditional way.

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