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Thread: Pork butt on a UDS & rib-o-lator

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    Default Pork butt on a UDS & rib-o-lator

    i cooked a 6lb boneless pork butt on the rib-o-lator. i split it in two and put one on each tray. i used some apple for smoke.

    i coated one with a spicy honey mustered sauce i made and the other with brown sugar and some seasoning. the mustard tasted the best.

    i cooked them on my UDS gasser at 225 for 5-6hrs then foiled them when they hit 170 internal temp and took them off when they hit 200.

    i cut the bottom out of the drum and moved it up about a foot to the first rib and re-welded, then i mounted a burner from a turkey fryer underneath (no flame on the inside of drum) on the inside i just add my wood chips and meat, temps are always even. a 2 liter bottle is mounted on the outside with a valve and some tubing running to the inside as a water drip if needed.

    after it rested for about an hour pulled it and it was tender, juicy, and good. i knew you would all be asking for some so i put some in the mail to you and you should have it any day. if it doesn't show up check your postman breath.

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    I'm in the process of building a UDS. Can't wait. Have you ever checked out forum? I love cooking on the smoker.

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