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Thread: Percolated coffee drinkers needed for survey! Help a student out, please.

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    Default Percolated coffee drinkers needed for survey! Help a student out, please.


    I am new to this forum and am a Product Design major doing some research on a coffee making appliance that I am wishing to redesign for a senior design project: the electric percolator.

    I figured I'd go find cooking blogs/forums to find percolator lovers and ask for your help in my research. I just want to add that I am not looking for negative comments from non-percolator users or coffee snobs about how supposedly "awful" the coffee made in a percolator is, because as a percolator user myself and recent convert from tasteless weak DripBrew, I find percolated coffee to be the BEST EVER (thank you, Michael Rulhman!). To me, it's all about personal taste and I have already read enough negative comments before from percolator-dissers on the internet during my research. The purpose of this is to find out from percolator users what they like about their percolators and what they don't like and would wish could be redesigned in percolators.

    I decided for my senior project to take on a challenge with a lesser known coffee appliance that is in dire need of a makeover. The purpose of industrial design is to not only appeal to current users of percolators but to try to attract non-percolator users, but with the way they look now, few younger coffee drinkers (especially drip-brew lovers) would find any appeal in percolators and think of "grandma" when looking at them. Despite electric percolators still being manufactured to this day by well-known housewares companies such as Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach, I feel that their design staff hasn't put much thought into redesigning them or make them more updated or modern looking. I want to change that with my school project.

    There are many areas that I myself would want to redesign (such as inner components, basket, easier preparation), but I want to hear from you, what areas you would improve on (outer aesthetics as well as inner components, etc) and how you would think you can improve on them. Are there any particular areas/steps in the preparation or cleaning process you find annoying? No idea or suggestion is a bad one. I want to hear them all. Please help me with my project. Thanks in advance!

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