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Thread: muffins with nutella

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    Default muffins with nutella

    When I read a new magazine Glitter I found a great recipe! Muffins with Nutella! Everyone loves nutella, right?

    I type it for you maybe someone try to do it. I made them and they disappeared in a second my friends loved it

    Ingredients for 12 muffins:
    140 g soft butter
    3/4 cup caster sugar for baking (I gave a little less)
    3 eggs
    half a teaspoon of vanilla extract
    1 and 3/4 cup flour
    2 level teaspoons baking powder
    Nutella (about half a cup)

    Cream the butter (you can use a mixer), add sugar, vanilla extract. Slowly add eggs. Mix flour with baking powder, add the weight, blend. The form of the muffins put into muffin cups. Into each cake, put about 2/3 height. On the top of each put 2 teaspoons of Nutella. Bake at 160 - 170 C for about 25 minutes (or longer, the so-called. A dry stick, remembering that Nutella is always going to cause the stick is wet, can not be on it while wet cake).


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    Thanks for your recipe, I try it and you are right they are delicious!!

    By the way, I check also the magazine you mention (glitter) and I like it

    So once again thank you very much ;D

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    Nutella is really delicious and plain bread is the number one partner of this but I don't even know that it can be made also with muffins. I would love to bake this at home at made this for the family. It is good for snacks in schools for my family and even at office work. Good recipe, keep us updated on your new recipe.

    "Quick Easy Cooking Recipes for One

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    Thank you for sharing this recipe! Nutella is my favourite!

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    Thanks for share..nice recipe !!

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