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    Default Just signed on

    Hi, everyone just signed up looking forward to meeting you all and swapping recipes, and Ideas,my wife is a cook as well she works for the Collins Family and she works along from time to time the former head chef for Prime Minister Steven Harper.

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    Default Hello!

    Hello!! I am Leticia and I too just signed on. I love to cook and have been doing so since i was 7yrs old. I've spent all my adult life working in resturants such as
    Bob Evans, Chi-Chi's, Bennigan's, Champs Americana and i was blessed to work under a chief for a short time in a nursing home. I cant wait to learn more and to share what i know. Have a blessed evening and i hope to hear from you soon, Leticia

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    Greetings! I too signed on not long ago. I am a stay-at-home mother of two small children, ages 3 and 5. Unfortunately I have very little restaurant experience, nor any formal training but instead make up for it in a passion for cooking; it's turned into a daily obsession really--in a good way! I am currently working on a cookbook and hope some day to have my own deli/bakery, perhaps starting small with a food cart and work my way up from there. "Start small" seems to be the common advice from those already successful in the industry. For now, I use any excuse to cook; it's more than my family of 4 can eat so much of the final product ends up with friends and neighbors. With any luck I'll obtain a reputation that will later come in handy as a future business owner.

    Looking forward to sharing thoughts and ideas with folks like you!


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