A good recipe here, but one which begs a question

Marco's Quick Lamb Stew - Marco Pierre White recipe video for Knorr - YouTube

I like the principle of this. What I find tricky is frying the meat - if you don't sear it, juices leak out and stop the fat from frying properly (it bubbles around the meat instead and doesn't cook it)

I've got round this in the past by using oils which get hotter than olive oil (e.g. rape seed oil) and really making sure the pan is hot.

However, in the video he's using olive oil (which burns if you get it too hot) and the meat seems fine.

If someone can tell me how he's managing to avoid the juices leaking, I'd love to know.

Several ideas I have are

1. Don't move what you're frying too much (it knocks water into the oil)

2. lower the meat in very gently

Any further tips?