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Thread: How To Do Scrambled Eggs

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    Post How To Do Scrambled Eggs

    Scrambled eggs are a delicious and quick meal. Fluffy and moist scrambled eggs are perfect breakfast in bed. But the tip in choosing the right egg is the science. For most people they preferred to choose the cool eggs fresh from the refrigerator. They keep the eggs refrigerated before making the scrambled eggs. Another tip on how to do scrambled eggs, is do not cook the eggs in a high heat because it makes them dry or rubbery. For the texture to be creamy and moist you just need to cook the eggs slowly over low heat.

    Ingredients and Procedure on how to do scrambled eggs. To make breakfast in bed for two on how to do scrambled eggs you need:

    • 4 eggs ( 2 eggs per person)
    • salt and pepper to taste
    • one teaspoon of chopped fresh parsley
    • fat (you can use butter or olive oil)
    • add 1 tbsp. of water (for fluffy scrambled eggs)
    • add 1 tbsp. of milk per eggs (for creamy scrambled eggs)

    On how to do scrambled eggs, we want it to be fluffier and moist for a perfect breakfast in bed so just add water.

    For the utensils, what you need:
    • frying pan
    • spatula or wooden spoon
    • wire whisks or fork
    • bowl

    Procedure of how to do scrambled eggs

    Crack the eggs into a bowl that is deep enough to support vigorous whisking. The secret on how to do scrambled eggs is all about scrambling. You need low gentle heat and patience to make perfect breakfast in scrambled eggs.

    Beat with fork or wire whisk the eggs until they turn pale yellow color. Add the water or milk to thin the mixture. The secret also on how to do scrambled eggs is do not add yet the salt and pepper as it can make the eggs tough. Whisk the mixture until well mixed.

    Place the pan over a low heat. When you begin to feel the warmth rising, you can now add the butter or olive oil. When the butter starts to melt or if the olive oil starts to bubble pour in the egg mixture. Then add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. On how to do scrambled eggs tip let it stand roughly for 10 seconds, or until the eggs begin to set.

    Next procedure of how to do scrambled eggs, you can start scrambling the eggs, you can now also add the minced herbs, and cheese to add flavor or anything else you like. Start scraping the eggs from the side of the pan to the center using the wooden spoon or spatula to form curds. Continue stirring the eggs gently until there is no liquid egg mixture left.

    Lastly on how to do scrambled eggs, turn off the heat and continue stirring the eggs gently until eggs get firm. Cooking should take between 3-5 minutes. Serve the scrambled eggs onto the plates until they are moist and soft. Enjoy your perfect fluffy scrambled eggs breakfast in bed with the help of how to do scrambled eggs.

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    enjoy cooking

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    awesome - thank you very much for this tip... i always like an egg or two on the weekend and i often stay away from scrambled eggs purely becuase i do make them to rubbery and non fluffy, im going to definetly going to give it a go on my next care courses cooking lesson... nothing like the perfect scrambled egg

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    I love scrambled eggs on the weekend too, with some bacon or sausage on the side....YUM! My friend tipped me off to the milk tip but I did not know about the water, I like a little chopped onion in my eggs and cheese as well. Always add the cheese last on low heat just enough to get nice and melty enough to mix into the scrambled eggs.

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    I always like scrambled eggs whether in the morning, lunch, or dinner.I just make it appoint that it has something different in terms of cooking. Actually, before I don't know how to make a fluffy scrambled eggs and this is the first time I knew that it should have milk to make it creamy.

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    When cooking scrambled eggs, always be patient and cook it slowly with low heat. It always turns out good. And I always prefer using butter, it give great smell to the eggs.
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    Absolutely, the butter is the best for the scrambled eggs. What's more the pace is the key to the every meal. I think that we should be patient and sometimes give more time than it's written in recipe.

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