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Thread: have any tactics on seperating eggs?

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    Default have any tactics on seperating eggs?

    Hi,i am totally frustrated when seperating eggs,you know i always make things mess,and have to make more effort to tidy ,so do you guys have any tactics on seperating eggs? Hope you can share.

    many thanks.

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    Talking here's one

    If you want to separate the yolk from the white of an egg, the egg has to be as fresh as possible. The protective membrane that encloses the yolk weakens with age and breaks more easily, and this can cause problems, because if even one speck of yolk gets into the white, it won't be suitable for whisking. So with eggs as fresh as possible there's much less chance of that happening.

    *crack the egg on the pointed side or the top side just a small crack not bigger than your nails, then pour the white of an egg in a container, then you can crack the whole egg to take out the yolk.

    hope you find that easy.

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