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Thread: Frying Shrimp

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    Default Frying Shrimp

    Anyone have any good seasonings or breadings they like to use when frying shrimp? I feel like this is the one thing that I haven't made 'my own' yet. The last time I made some it was pretty lame but it was a last second decision while I had the oil hot

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    You could try something simple like seasoned salt or garlic powder. There a lot of options out there. I like 5 spice too

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    where i work, we use cornstarch for a specific menu item. after we deep fry them with the cornstarch breading, we toss them in a sauce. it turns out awesome with a great underlying crunch.

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    You can try "oat shrimp". Heat the pan with some butter, add some cooked oat, add some sugar, stir fry until all mix well and dry up. When it is fragrant, add shrimps and fry until shrimps are cooked. Serve it hot.

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