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    I'm trying to make a chochlet Drizzle sause or icing that when you pour it over your cake or cookies it goes hard at room temp so that i don't have to put into the frige. Does anyone know how to do this?

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    I don't know about the not putting it in the fridge part, but I read that to get the chocolate sauce to harden on ice cream they use edible wax.

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    Ingredients making chocolate drizzle sauce:

    6 tbsp golden syrup
    150g broken dark chocolate

    Heat 6 tbsp golden syrup and 150g broken dark chocolate in a small pan in a medium heat, stirring until chocolate was melted. Then you can serve it with ice cream, pancakes or fruit.

    Hope this could help.


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    I am still working this out myself, but I seem to find that adding just a little shortening to the chocolate when you melt it, maybe 1-2 Tbsp to a cup, seems to keep the chocolate liquid longer for dipping and drizzling, and sets up firm after, perhaps a half hour.

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