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Thread: Cooking for family on moving day

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    Default Cooking for family on moving day

    So my newlywed wife and I are moving to our own new apartment Feb. 1st and I wanted to make dinner for her family that night. I know what I want to make but have absolutely no clue as to how to make it or what specifically has to be as preparations. What I'm planning to make is white rice with a nice peppered gravy topping (or sausage gravy, which ever one is easier to make) with bbq strips of steak kernel corn and buttered dinner rolls.

    Now, the problem here is that I don't really know how to cook anything and don't want to kill anyone with under cooked meat or disgust anyone with bad tastes. I haven't been able to find a recipe for this anywhere online and decided it would be easier, faster, and safer asking people who know what they're doing to help.

    You'll notice that there aren't really any veggies in there, that's because my wife is possibly the pickiest eater I've ever met and refuses everything green. She also doesn't like peppers at all or olives or anything traditionally listed in recipes like this, so I need to craft this dinner without using anything of the sort. Onions are also out of the question.

    Can anyone help me in finding out which type of meat to use, how to make the bbq sauce and how to throw it all together to create a passable meal?

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