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Thread: Cooking an Alfredo Sauce Properly

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    Default Cooking an Alfredo Sauce Properly

    Hey guys, I just made an alfredo sauce for a chicken alfredo pizza last night. Overall for my first time, it came out pretty good. But I did have one problem. The ingredients were mainly just heavy cream, butter, garlic powder, and Parm cheese. I added half cup of butter and 1 pint of cream together and simmered until it was bubbling. I then added about 3/4 cup of parm cheese and 2 tsp of garlic powder and stirred. The recipe said to keep on low heat for about 15-20 min.

    I kept it on low heat, stirring occasionally. The problem was that the cheese never really melted properly into the sauce. I kept it on low heat even longer because of that. About 30-40 min. The cheese melted slightly and kind of clumped together. Overall, the sauce still tasted right and was good. It was rich in some places I'm guessing because of the clumped cheese.

    Anyone know what I did wrong?

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    Clumped Cheese? How did you the parmesan and the garlic powder?

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