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Thread: Can you really overwork biscuits?

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    Default Can you really overwork biscuits?

    I make biscuits every Sunday. I have a recipe that uses low fat milk, margarine and low salt. Every time I make them, my wife (who fashions herself a chef) cautions me to not 'overwork' the biscuits or else they will be bad. I usually mix the ingredients, and then carefully work it into a round ball that I spread on a baking stone and then cut to size. When I've cut out a few, I take the 'leftovers' and rework them into another round and cut some more. Am I really overworking the dough? I've not seen any appreciable difference in any of the biscuits. I'd appreciate a true trained chef's perspective.
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    When making biscuits you have to be gentle and yes they can be overworked. When biscuit dough is overworked we get hard, paperweight biscuits which can generally result in people breaking their teeth . You only really want to fold the dough about three times to get those light, fluffy biscuits an when you cut always use an up and down motion never a slicing motion because this can create hard edges.

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