Hi my mum is looking for a new Pressure Cooker, our old one was a Prestige cooker which worked well for about 15 years, but has recently packed up. She liked it since it was sturdy and the whistle was not so loud !

We visited the high street shops and in Argos, the Prestige Cookers are discontinued and a newer design is out one without a whistle?! So my mum decided against going for that one. We also saw some Premier branded models, and when we asked the sales person she said Prestige is now old and not stocked no longer, since the Premier ones are better and have a metal grommet on top so they don't break and more reliable then prestige, also the gasket ring last much longer then Prestige "apparently"

We cook alot of Rice dishes, and need one that does not have a loud whistle, we brought a new prestige cooker only to find out the whistle was so loud it will scare the life out of you ! so stopped using that one !

Any Recommendations out there?