There are several ways on how to cook eggs. In scrambled eggs, many people know how to cook the scrambled eggs in a frying pan. Never heard of microwave scrambled eggs dish? One fast and easy way is through your microwave oven. Others do this very often instead of frying the eggs or boiling it. You can find it very simple but it’s delicious and healthy. If you are at work and you don’t have access to full kitchen the only way is to make microwave scrambled eggs.

In cooking microwave scrambled eggs

You will need a microwaveable container or bowl and whisks. Eggs are the main ingredient, so look for the freshest eggs available. You will also need butter and milk to add some creamy flavor. Lastly the seasoning the very tasteful salt and pepper. You can add cheese if you want. What are we going to do with the eggs are very fast and easy. So you just have to relax and wait for the timer to stop. And taste the microwave scrambled eggs.

The fast and easy microwave scrambled eggs.

Carefully put all the ingredients into the microwaveable bowl. Crack the eggs. Beat the eggs with the use of fork or wire whisks, put small pat of butter, a splash of milk and sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper. Make sure that it is well combined and no eggs shells are in the mixture. Put the microwaveable container or bowl inside the microwave oven. Set the oven over full or 100% power. Note that cooking time will vary dependent on your microwave wattage. After a minute take the eggs out and stir them. Use fork in stirring. Place them back and wait for another minute. Take again the eggs out and stir them. Now wait for only 30 or 20 seconds before taking out the for stirring. Just do it repeatedly until the the eggs are cooked.

Be sure not to overcook your scrambled eggs, or they will burn or extremely dry and feel like rubber and taste much worse. Fluff the eggs and your microwave scrambled eggs is ready. Five minutes is the maximum in cooking your microwave scrambled eggs. It’s very fast and easy with no clutter or mess like burnt frying pans. If your looking for faster and easy way to make your meal. Try microwave scrambled eggs at home or work.

Serve your microwave scrambled eggs and enjoy eating!

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