I am in the market to buy an end grain cutting board... I was thinking of getting a walnut board end grain board. Does anybody have any reviews or thoughts about the boards at End Grain Cutting Board . I cannot seem to find reviews for these boards from this site, however they look quite nice though.
Here are the questions I have, any help would be great!
What should I look for in an end grain board? Iím quite confused as there are too many choices out there and hundreds of different sites.
Is it worth the money to get an end grain board vs edge grain?
If I get one with a gravy channel is that difficult to clean?
Should I get a cutting board with legs / feet on it? Or is it better to have it without feet so I can flip the board over?

Any recommendations would be great! Does anybody have a walnut cutting board like the ones at the site I mentioned? Please send me a message or reply as I do not want to pay so much for something without knowing if itís a good cutting board.