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Thread: Disposable cheap dinnerware sets harm to human body?

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    Default Disposable cheap dinnerware sets harm to human body?

    PVC food wrap can cause cancer, just food packaging not security the tip of the iceberg. According to the survey,

    Had long been quality testing department blacklist unqualified disposable cheap dinnerware sets, but still in the field or so have to sell, it is no good close supervision department, or of the administrative department of responsibility not to perform in place?

    And as unqualified cheap dinnerware one-time victims. And what has the reaction to this for consumers?

    Toxic dinnerware sets flood the market, lunch box and so on the disposable dinnerware sets chopsticks in our life can be seen everywhere.

    Booth, fast food restaurant and some other class is not very high dining place, with most of the dinnerware sets is a one-off. Each write word building and most office will receive a day every day such rubbish in a garbage. What should we do ? Now !
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